• Sandy Point Beach House (map)
  • 7175 Lakeshore Drive
  • West Olive, MI, 49460
  • United States

If you come to hear Checkers Morton you may be a different person when you leave. What you will hear is a band of friends who have played together under this moniker for 40 years. You will hear music from the heart and soul - inspired by the flow of energy that originates at our Source. Original compositions by all of the members of the band, ranging from Dan's light hearted 'Padge' to Gus' deeply inspiring 'Little Raga'. You will hear this amazing music performed on wood, reeds, brass, ivory and primal drums. Checkers Morton is Dave Collee on bass, Gus VanStee on keys, Jim Beegle on trumpet, flueglehorn, congas and flute, Dan Giacobassi on saxes, flute and shakuhachi and Steve Harris on the drums.