• Sandy Point Beach House (map)
  • 7175 Lakeshore Drive
  • West Olive, MI, 49460
  • United States

Join us twice a month for Jazz Thursdays! There's no better place on the lakeshore to listen to jazz music.

The music of My Thin Place ranges from Jazz Standards out of the American songbook to more open jazz styles that leave room for improvisation and color. They are a Jazz Consort, performing both original works and covering the music of other artists. 

The name My Thin Place is a term from long ago when people believed there were special places on Earth where Heaven and Earth were closer together. They were termed ‘Thin Places’ and were where angels descended from Heaven; one felt closest to the creator here. The band took on the term as their name because, for them, playing jazz takes them to a place - a frame of mind - where they are filled with joy, and all earthly problems fade away for a while. For this reason, playing jazz is their ‘thin place’.